lundi 5 avril 2021

London Andrews! love!

Envie de partager cette magnifique photo de London...
et aussi son commentaire
"If we dont believe in ourselves, who will? - Sometimes I think about the people tried to sway my dreams with negativity. "You are too fat. You cannot model. Traveling alone is dangerous, you will get hurt." - Sometimes? I feel like my entire life has just been a series of people telling me "No", always followed by my determination to prevail regardless....What if I given up? What if I did just say, "Yeah. You are right. I am too fat and traveling is too dangerous." - I can tell you one thing - I would not have made it to White Sands in my RV - To marvel at the sunset - Watching Stella run circles through the gypsum! Sometimes you need to truly believe in yourself. There is nothing wrong in saying, "I am capable. I am strong. I can do this."
#poweron#liveyourbestlife #believeinyourself#lessnegativemorepositive

une femme libre... que je trouve très belle! un coté sauvage, animal, des courbes incroyable!
London Andrews On The Road Plus Size Model - Body Positive - Full Time RV-Life Backup Account @londonandrewsofficial

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